Concept Design Innovation (CDI Architects)

Every site presents different opportunities and every project has unique design opportunities. 

CDI architects value add by design to your project.

We are specialists in:

  • high-quality, multi-residential projects, including apartments, town houses and units
  • infill & small lot houses
  • smaller individually tailored residential projects such as eco friendly and highly designed new houses.
  • commercial & industrial projects

We are also known for our architectural skills in residential, remodelling, commercial and industrial design services, and are very experienced with hotel and resort developments and child care centres.

We use Revit computer modelling which allows us to value add to our designs through integrated design and documentation enabling a continuous design throughout the process.  Design refinements can be explored, visualised, engineered and documented.

We have a track record for delivering high quality design and documentation.

The director has extensive experience with construction ranging from high rise hotels, correctional facilities, residential developments, housing, commercial and civic.  This experience value adds to the design process.

Our focus is on helping you to achieve your outcomes by value adding to your project with our design and documentation services.

We regularly arrange online meetings with consultants and clients to reduce meeting times.

We minute meetings and follow up on outcomes.

Charles is interested in consulting in the area of transitional housing and welcomes clients who may be looking to design housing that will enable them to stay at home.




CDI Architects has ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certification and Queensland Government PQC Registration Rating 3 - Industry best practice.

Personal service

CDI Architects has built a strong reputation for personal service.

Charles Howroyd, the Director, oversees all the jobs and leads a small team of architects, architectural students and professional drafters. He says many team members contribute to the design process, including clients and consultants, which is a really enjoyable part of the job.

We are pleased to take on commissions where a design challenge exists, regardless of the project scale or size.

CDI architects has been in practice since 1994.

Charles has more than 30 years experience as an Architect and started way before that on the drawing desk as a teenager in his Dad’s practice. He uses his many years of experience to be pragmatic, consultative and to problem solve to help the many complex projects become reality. 

“I think architecture needs to be practical, it needs to make a contribution to the neighbourhood; it needs to add value to our lives. I often get jobs from neighbours living next door to our projects and I really like that.”

Our personal service is important to our clients and we will return your phone calls and respond to your emails as a matter of priority.  The director is available after hours if requried.

Varied clients

CDI Architects works with a range of clients.

“Our clients range from extremely experienced builder developers creating modern apartments and high-end housing… to brand new clients who need help to create their dream home or extension. It’s important with clients building their first house to be compassionate; it takes a long time."

Not for profit clients include Cathay Community, Brisbane Housing Company and YMCA.

Developer clients include Carbone Developments who provide high quality multi residential developments throughout Brisbane.

Interior design

We have excellent interior design services which can be integrated with a projects concept design.

Landscape design

CDI architects work closely with landscape architects to prepare concepts, arrange design and manage contracts and documentation.  We regularly work with various consultancies and would be pleased to arrange services on your behalf.

Engineering design

Whether it be storm water management, retaining wall design, basement excavation, construction methodology, structural design, hydraulic engineering, noise, traffic, environmental, fire, etc - we regularly work with various consultancies and would be pleased to arrange services on your behalf.


  • AIB – YMCA Sports and Recreation Centre
  • MBA – Commercial development Aspley
  • MBA – Apartment building Playfield St
  • MBA – Industrial building Northlakes
  • HIA – Tasmanian Housing


Lead Consultant

CDI Architects is very experienced with management of all the co-ordination and communication required to make your project a success.  We have design management skills that will assist your project.

Web portal allows on line access to your project

CDI Architects web portal is used to provide access to up to date project designs including engineering and other consultants.  Clients can log onto the web portal and download or distribute documentation.  This is a central point where up to date information is available to selected stakeholders.

Contract Administration

We have successfully delivered residential and commercial projects from concept to completion.

Great Location

We are centrally located in South Brisbane with visitor carparking.  Meeting at CDI architects is convenient and parking is stress free.